PBC History


On June 12, 1949, Brendle Baptist Mission's twenty-three members met and formed Pink Baptist Church.  Bro. Clovis Hibbard was called to be the church's first pastor, and work on the first building began in August 1949.

In March 1952, the church called its second pastor, Bro. Jim Maupin.  As the church grew more educational space was needed, and construction began in April 1953.  In the summer of 1953, Bro. Clyde Frisby came to serve as pastor, followed by Bro. Clyde Plunk in 1955.  Bro. J.C. Neil became pastor in June 1957, and he served until November 1961.  Just a month later the church called Bro. Jeral Lunsford to the pastorate.

Bro. Bob Baynard was called in September 1963.  During his ministry, a new sanctuary was built.  The dedication was on December 11, 1966.  Bro. Larry Weatherly came to serve as pastor in December 1969.  He was followed by Bro. Kenny Bailey, who served from July 1973 until August 1975.

The church took a big step of faith in February of 1976 when Bro. John Basden was called as the church's first full-time pastor.  In 1980, Bro. Bill Shepherd was called as pastor and served for seven years.  Bro. Donny Custar was called in March 1988 and served for almost eight years, as new offices, a classroom, and a rear foyer were added to the church.  In April 1997, Bro. Jimmy Harness was called as pastor, and he served through January 1999.

In May 1999 the church's facilities were rearranged by a tornado.  The sanctuary, nursery, and several classrooms were ruined, and the west end of the gymnasium had a gaping hole.  Church services were held in the gym until the Lord provided a new, debt-free sanctuary.  The gym was repaired, and Bro. Mike Buckley was called as pastor in September 2000.  The new sanctuary was dedicated to the Lord on June 23, 2002.  Pastor, Bro. Shane Lester, was called in February 2004 and served through December 2007. Bro. Mike Collyer was called as pastor May 2008 and served until his passing on December 19th, 2022. Bro. Steve Sanders was called as pastor in August 2023 and is currently serving our church.   

Pastors may come and go; membership my vary in number and composition from year to year; and natural disasters and / or growth may change the physical appearance of the church grounds.  But just as those original 23 charter members, the church still rests on the promise of Matthew 16:18: "(Jesus says) Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".  Praise the Lord!